Fight The Bite: Mosquito Solutions From Pest Control Companies In Maryland

Tired of having mosquitoes show up uninvited to your home, party, or business? You’re not alone, and our pest control company is here to help! Reviewing research from the Maryland Department of Agriculture, today’s post highlights how home and business owners can fight the bite with DIY mosquito solutions and support from pest control companies like ours. Read on or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with our pest control company in Owings, MD. Fight The […]

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Prepare your yard for Spring & Grilling

With spring in full swing barbeques are on everyone’s minds. People are ready to head outdoors and enjoy nature. It is time to dust off your grill and pull out your favorite grilling cookbooks. Before you invite the extended family over, have you gone through your mosquito check list? Is your yard ready for guests, or better yet your own family?  Is it safe to play outside and eat without being on the menu yourself? […]

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3 Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

Your Sheriff for the Bad Guys At Mosquito Sheriff, our mission is to control your mosquitoes, fleas and ticks with a safe, all natural, toxic free spray solution.  We are the 1st and ONLY all green solution for your outdoor pest control. Our ALL NATURAL SOLUTION is created to last 21 days which coincides with the lifecycle of mosquitoes. We will then come back and treat again. Before using our solution, we will walk your […]

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Mosquitos itchy bite carry viruses too!

Mosquitos pack on more than just an itchy bite, they carry deadly diseases as well. These tiny little insects can be the most harmful with just one bite. Mosquitos are members of a group of 3,600 species of small flies called Culicidae. The word mosquito comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word for little fly. Adult mosquitos have a tube-like mouthpart that they use to pierce through the skin of their hosts and feed off […]

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Organic Pest Control Near Me: Protect The Planet With Mosquito Sheriff

Pest problems aren’t just a nuisance; they can also harm Maryland’s ecosystems by creating catastrophic imbalances in local insect populations. But organic pest control solves both problems, eliminating dangerous and annoying infestations without harming the environment. Read on to learn why so many Maryland residents choose Mosquito Sheriff to eliminate nuisance pests and protect the planet, or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with an organic pest control expert near you. Organic Pest Control Near Me: […]

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Giving Back

In the spirit of love and community today is the day to talk about giving back. When you look at the definition of “give back” in the dictionary it states, to provide help or financial assistance to others in appreciation of one’s own success or good fortune. This is exactly the mindset of our founder and CEO Patrice. She has taken her knowledge and success and given it back to the community. She is passionate […]

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Mosquito Sheriff Awards First Franchise!

Mosquito Sheriff is off to a running start this New Year. We are proud to announce our first franchisee, Mikal, from Washington DC. He comes to Mosquito Sheriff with a background as an operations executive with a major telecom company. Mikal is the first of many. We are excited about the impressive list of candidates we have inquiring across the country and prime markets are available everywhere. Why Mosquito Sheriff? The Mosquito Sheriff Franchise is […]

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Call The Sheriff: Fast And Effective Pest Control Service Near Me

Pest Control Service Near Me: The Path To True Peace-Of-Mind Whether you’re throwing a big party, running a business, or simply trying to relax at home, pest problems are not acceptable. It only takes one mosquito, flea, or tick-sighting to spoil your plans, and infestations can create a whole host of health problems and structural damage. But have no fear: qualified pest control services are available in Owings, MD, and they’re faster, safer, and more […]

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Organic Pest Control Near Me: 3 Ways We Protect Maryland’s Pollinators

Why Choose Organic Pest Control Near Me In Owings, MD? Maryland’s pollinators are responsible for a huge percentage of our local food supplies, and they need our help!                                Bees are responsible for more than 80% of pollination in Owings, MD! To that end, the Pollinator Protection Act of 2016 now limits the use and sale of all neonicotinoid pesticides within […]

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Stop Summer Mosquito Spawns: Reclaim Your Pool With Maryland Exterminators

Mosquito Season Is Coming—and Maryland Exterminators Can Help With winter comes relief from Maryland’s buzzing bloodsuckers, but mosquito season is just around the corner—and there’s plenty you can do to prepare for the spring and summer rush. According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, the majority of mosquito breeding takes place from the vernal equinox (March 20th) until slightly past the autumnal equinox (September 22nd), with activity peaking in summertime. When it comes to backyard […]

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– I love what they are doing! Totally Behind them! If each spray can help other communities and also solve your problems too without any extra cost. What else one can ask for. I have booked them for the entire season. So Excited!!

Moo- Pheun Lu

– I was looking for a Non-Toxic/Natural way to handle the mosquitos and ticks problem as my children and pets are always in the garden, so my friend recommended me to this company, they shared a lot of information and insight and the process was easy to follow.

Laura S. Frater