Zika Virus

Causing prenatal and postnatal complications, and extreme neurological complications in adults, Zika Virus is a life-threatening virus vectored by the Aedes Mosquitoes.

Fever, Rash and Joint Pain but many people will show no or mild symptoms

Zika Symptoms

Bite of an infected Aedes species of mosquito, also known as yellow fever mosquito

Virus Transmission

Mosquitoes that carries Zika bite during

Day and Night

According to the CDC, Zika virus has been reported in US

4,175 Cases

If contracted while pregnant or in months or weeks before getting pregnant, zika virus can cause

Birth Deffects

There’s currently no vaccine, so the best way to avoid Zika virus is to avoid mosquitoes

No Vaccine

Say No to Zika

The Aedes mosquitoes are day-time predators that focus their attacks specifically on pregnant women and children. Thriving on stagnant water bodies, secluded nooks and crooks, Zika is hard to combat and demands serious efforts, both at individual and communal level. From installing netted barriers for your house to making sure that you wear protective clothing, you can beat Zika by being vigilant of your surroundings.

With the team at Mosquito Sheriff, say NO to Zika by making use of our effective barrier and anti-larvae treatments that work to eliminate mosquito threats from your property. Our insect repelling formulas have been uniquely developed by our expert chemist. By using larvicides and insecticides to control mosquito populations, Mosquito Sheriff is devoted to reducing the spread of this hazardous disease in your neighborhood.

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