The perpetrators of Lyme disease and the most unwelcome nuisances for any home, ticks have the potential to tick a person off on an exceptional level. Classified as arachnids and found in soft and hard forms, ticks breed in the woods, cabins, and on birds. There are over 200 species of ticks found in the US alone and depending on the species, some ticks can live for as long 200 days without any food or water. Ticks latch onto their victims by jumping onto them, following them on foot, and falling onto them.

Ticks infestations need to be dealt very seriously because they are capable of posing a threat to the life of your family and pets. A cost-effective approach to killing of ticks on your property, employ the services of a renowned tick elimination and control company to ensure that you are always safe!

The most common
ticks include:

  • Rocky Mountain Wood ticks

  • Deer/black legged ticks

  • American Dog Tick

  • Brown Dog Tick

  • Lone Star Tick

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