Our Non Toxic Sprays are 100% Natural

Your family is our family, Being a socially accountable and responsible company, we take care of our clients, their children, and the people around them.


Our Non Toxic Sprays are 100% Natural

Butterflies and bees are the most critical pollinators for the maintenance of our environment, butterflies and bees have all of our attention.


Our Non Toxic Sprays are 100% Natural

Fruits and vegetables are life sustainers. Mosquito Sheriff is committed to using products that do not harm our main sources of nutrition.

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    All Green

    When you care about the butterflies and bees, you ONLY want to spray an all-natural product. When you care about people and the environment, you ONLY want to use a company that is eco-friendly.

    • Our spray contains 100% all natural ingredients but is strong enough to kill mosquitoes that may carry the EEE virus.
    • We ONLY use battery-operated sprayers. Other companies use large GAS powered sprayers with fumes in your yard and the environment.

    Our all-natural spray combined with a recyclable power source, makes Mosquito Sheriff the leader in GREEN PEST CONTROL.

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    Why Mosquito Sheriff?

    What makes us different? We operate Mosquito Sheriff based on our Core Values. We are a highly principled team of trained pest management professionals providing quality mosquito control treatments. Our work is systematic and provides guaranteed results.


    – Mosquitos are Coming is what my technician just called to tell me – thanks for the reminder.  I renewed my annual contract because once you’ve gotten rid of mosquitos you can’t go back!


    Marcia, Huntington, MD

    Mosquitos Are Coming!

    – I love what they are doing! Totally Behind them! If each spray can help other communities and also solve your problems too without any extra cost. What else one can ask for. I have booked them for the entire season. So Excited!!

    Moo- Pheun Lu

    – I was looking for a Non-Toxic/Natural way to handle the mosquitos and ticks problem as my children and pets are always in the garden, so my friend recommended me to this company, they shared a lot of information and insight and the process was easy to follow.

    Laura S. Frater