Why Do Mosquitos Bite Some People More Than Others?

Mosquito season is upon us. The time is here where we are outside enjoying nature more. The great outdoors can be a magical place full of endless possibilities to explore, but it can also be a dangerous place where disease can be lurking. If you are thinking about those tiny flying creatures, mosquitos, you are right. Mosquitos are not only annoying insects that cause an itchy nasty bite, but they also carry dangerous diseases too. But why do they bite some people more than others? Let’s find out.

It is true that you can be sitting next to someone at a baseball game, and they walk away with not a single mosquito bite while you are covered in itchy red spots, but why? There are many scientific reasons why this happens and here are some thoughts on how to ensure you will not be dinner next time.

What attracts mosquitos to certain people more than others?


  • Body Odor
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Colors
  • Alcohol
  • Body Heat
  • Pregnancy



First let’s talk about body odor. A person’s scent alone can be what is causing mosquitos to be attracted to them. Mosquitos are attracted to certain compounds that are present on human skin and in sweat. These compounds give each of us a specific odor that draw mosquitos in. Some of these compounds that are attractive to mosquitoes are lactic acid and ammonia. Skin bacteria is also found to play a role in body odor and attractiveness for mosquitos.

Next on the list is carbon dioxide. We all emit carbon dioxide when we breathe out. We produce more when we are active. An increase in carbon dioxide can alert a mosquito that a potential host is nearby causing the mosquito to move towards that area. Mosquitos need blood to live and reproduce.

The colors you wear can play a role in how many mosquito bites you get. Who knew!! I guess you might think twice on your next outfit choice. Research has shown that mosquitos are attracted to the color black, but little is known about why. In my opinion, if you are in a situation where you could be more attractive to mosquitos, opt for a lighter wardrobe.

Mosquitos have been found to like the scent of beer. In a few small studies it was found that those who consumed beer were more attractive to mosquitos than those who had not. Drinking beer increases the ethanol content in your sweat. Ethanol is a mosquito lure, so drinking beer means mosquitos may be flocking your way.

Our bodies generate heat, and this can vary depending on our surroundings. As a mosquito gets closer it can detect us based on our body heat and desired temperature. These factors are important to the mosquito for host selection. Other animals have different body temperature, and it is found that mosquitos are more attracted to humans for this reason.

Last on our list is pregnancy. Pregnant women have been found to have a higher body temperature which would be more tempting to a mosquito. During pregnancy women are found to exhale more carbon dioxide as well. These two combinations would be a great host for mosquitos.

Generally, mosquitos will bite any skin they find to be appetizing and a good host location. Above are a list of preferred host locations. It is always good to prevent mosquitos from biting before they have a chance. Now you know why mosquitos bite some more than others.

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