Mosquito Free Wedding

It is springtime again. The most beautiful time of the year. Everything is green and in bloom. This is one of the most popular times for brides to choose to have their weddings. Weddings are picked in the spring because it is the perfect time to get those keepsake photos. The one thing that is usually furthest from a bride’s mind during planning is mosquitos. Mosquitos are out and breeding in the spring and ready to crash your wedding party. Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to keep those pesky insects from ruining your day. Mosquito Sheriff is here with some tips and tricks to help you have a mosquito free wedding.

There are several things to consider when planning your wedding during mosquito season. Will any part of your wedding be outdoors? A lot of brides opt to have their ceremony outdoors. It is the perfect backdrop. Let’s look at some ways to prevent mosquitos from biting during the wedding.

The Subtle Approach

The first thing to consider is the grounds where the ceremony will be taking place. Be sure to clear any standing water especially after rain fall. Mosquitos will breed and lay eggs in a very short period. You are looking for flowerpots, decorative pieces, or furniture that can collect water.

Natural Repellent

Next, mosquitos hate the smell of certain flowers and plants. In fact, they are repelled by them. You can make a bouquet, table arrangements, place settings, or just have them strategically placed throughout your reception area. In my opinion, some of these options would make a gorgeous rustic bouquet.


Create A Barrier

The best approach to ensure your wedding will be mosquito free and safe for your family and friends is to create a barrier of protection. The best way to do this is by contacting Mosquito Sheriff. Mosquito Sheriff is your local mosquito control company. We have a safe and effective, yet all-natural approach to removing mosquitos. Mosquito Sheriff uses the “Knockdown” method to immediately kill mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas on contact.  Our all-green products are safe and effective. Contact Mosquito Sheriff today to schedule your free estimate!


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Mosquitos Are Coming!

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Laura S. Frater