Why Some Of Us Attract More Mosquitoes Than Others?

Mosquitos are those unwanted clingy ‘wannabe friends’ that no one wants to hang out with. Sadly, they don’t get hints and try to stay as close as possible. via GIPHY Mosquitoes are probably the biggest group of insects to affect human wellbeing and health. They can thrive in diverse habitats, breed in standing water and the worst thing is that they transmit life-threatening blood-borne diseases. If we try to ignore all this (which is not […]

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Barbequing 101: No More Flying Vermin

Honestly, we are pretty sure that no one would be surprised if the headlines tomorrow were to blare that a party of mosquitoes had been caught on tape rambunctiously celebrating the ruining of a barbeque party. With tiny bottles of beer in their hands, heads were thrown back in mock laughter, all of these little buggers are dancing around their own little fire pit, recounting how they bit every single person and sent them all scurrying indoors. […]

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No More Mosquito Infested Pools

It’s summertime. The sun is shining bright, the flowers are in full bloom, you can finally go out in nothing but your shorts, and, it’s the perfect time to dive headfirst into sparkling cold water and enjoy luxurious, long hours of floating about aimlessly. Your eyes are closed, there’s a smile on your face and you’re floating spread-eagled when suddenly, you feel a sharp itch shoot up on your arm. As your other arm goes […]

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Magical Legs, Death Evasion and Stronger Measures

These blood-sucking tyrants, not only let loose a string of profanities in the wake of their itch-full stings but now they are also taking away the satisfaction of smacking flat their tiny spindly bodies. According to the latest research from scientists at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in the United Kingdom, there are two species of malaria-bearing mosquitoes that possess the demonic powers of pre-identifying insecticides through their immensely gross-looking, stick-thin legs. Speaking […]

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The Worst of Mosquito-Vectored Disease Epidemics in World History

Diseases sway generations. Our generation, and those of our ancestors, have all been affected by diseases- being ill is only human, after all. However, there are some diseases that leave the body completed sucked out of all life. There have been many instances in history when scores of people have been killed because of wide-spread infectious diseases. But sometimes, these diseases wipe out entire populations and leave nothing but barren lands and carcasses behind. We […]

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Fight them With Nature: Mosquito Repellants from Your Kitchen

Nature is a furious and ruthless force. Unrelenting and dynamic, why is it even a shocker to find so many solutions to contemporary problems in nature? From modern ailments to disasters fostered by humans, nature is always to the rescue with remedies; effective, simple, and subtle. On the wreckage, that insects as spindly and stinky as Mosquitos have initiated, they deserve to be battled to extinction by nature itself. Here, we have some of the […]

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Fleas and Ticks can BE the Real Enemies of Pets

If you have ever kept pets, then you must certainly have an idea about how vitally important parasite prevention and control is for the health of your pets. Ticks and fleas, the most common parasites, are both external parasites and live on your pet’s body. Blood-feeding parasites, these bad guys suck blood from their host’s body to survive. Bizarre Flea & Tick Facts They are extremely dangerous and can pose a serious threat to the […]

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Can Ticks Survive the Winter?

Can Ticks Survive the Winter? Ticks can survive the winter. While some species of ticks become dormant or less active during colder months, they have adaptations that allow them to survive in various conditions. For instance, ticks can seek shelter in leaf litter, soil, or under the snow where they are insulated from extreme temperatures. Ticks’ Winter Survival: How They Persist Through Cold Months Additionally, ticks have a natural antifreeze-like substance in their bodies that […]

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