Pest Control Service Near Me: Prevent Asian Tiger Mosquito Infestations

Asian tiger mosquitoes are an invasive species with aggressive feeding habits that put Maryland residents at risk. Read on to learn how to treat and prevent infestations with local pest control services, or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with a pest control company near you.

Are You Dealing With Asian Tiger Mosquitoes In Your Home Or Business?

The first step in any pest control plan is to determine what species you’re dealing with.

According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, the Asian Tiger Mosquito can be identified by:

  • Size—Asian Tiger Mosquitoes tend to range in size from small to regular size.
  • Color—Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are black with white stripes, unlike most mosquitoes native to Maryland, which are brown and yellowish-brown.
  • Habits—Unlike Maryland’s typical mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquitoes tend to be most active during the day, and they pursue hosts more aggressively.
  • Breeding sites—Asian tiger mosquitoes breed in different places than native mosquitoes. They will never breed in ruts, puddles, ditches, and stormwater ponds. Instead, they breed exclusively in sites that resemble their natural habitats, which include holes in trees and bamboo shoots containing water. That means they’ll spawn in just about any man-made container, and they only need about a tablespoon of water to start breeding.

DIY Controls And When To Call Pro Pest Control Services Near Me

To reduce infestation in your home or business, the Maryland Department of Agriculture recommends:

  1. Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds—Asian tiger mosquitoes show a strong preference for small, man-made containers, so walk around your property and remove anything that retains water.
  2. Consider using biorational larvicide—Ask your pest control specialist for more information
  3. Consider using a barrier application, “which kills tigers on contact and may provide residual control for up to three weeks.” Our all-natural spray solution is formulated to do just that, and it’s completely safe for pets, plants, pollinators, and people.
  4. Get your neighbors involved in the pest control effort—Asian tiger mosquitoes travel to feed, so encourage your neighbors to implement these controls and control pest control services as needed.

If you’re still getting bitten, you’re having trouble finding larvicide, or you’ll only settle for all-natural, guaranteed-effective barrier treatments, get in touch with our team!

Pest Control Service Near Me: Prevent Asian Tiger Mosquito Infestations

Our pest control service keeps your family safe from aggressive Asian tiger mosquitoes so you can reclaim your backyard space this summer, and every service is 100% guaranteed!

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