No More Mosquito Infested Pools

It’s summertime. The sun is shining bright, the flowers are in full bloom, you can finally go out in nothing but your shorts, and, it’s the perfect time to dive headfirst into sparkling cold water and enjoy luxurious, long hours of floating about aimlessly. Your eyes are closed, there’s a smile on your face and you’re floating spread-eagled when suddenly, you feel a sharp itch shoot up on your arm. As your other arm goes up to scratch that nasty sting, you go splashing down into reality and there goes your nirvana moment; absolutely destroyed and ruined by a tiny little beast flying just above your head.

Mosquitoes and swimming pools have an infamous love story of their own. Here are some hacks that you have got to use this summer to break them up for once and forever using efficient swimming pool mosquito control!

Do not let your swimming pool get dirty

Cleanliness is a virtue but when it comes to swimming pools, it’s absolutely crucial. These virus transmitting gnats are attracted to dirty spaces, much like they themselves are. Pools with floating leaves, unchanged and stagnant water, and foul smell, are analogous to heaven for them. Not only does dirty water make for an excellent breeding ground for them, but warm waters in the summers are usually where you can spot mosquito larvae in abundance. In order to prevent the outbreak of locust upon you, keep filtering your pool water on a regular basis. From disinfection to chlorination, do all of the needful for better outdoor mosquito control to keep yourself and your family safe.

Cover when not in use


As unattractive and cumbersome as pool covers may be, your health is always going to supersede architectural beauty. Thus, put away your dreams of a glittering blue pool every time you head out to your backyard and replace them with sensible netted pool covers atop the swimming pool. These covers not only prevent leaves and dirt from entering your water but also keep mosquitoes and other pests off your property.

Fancy a swim at night? Then you better switch on that light!

These little creatures hate all things light and bright anyway, so the mounting of some bright white lights around your pool area is sure to drive them away. In addition to lights, if you are having a lot of mosquito trouble, then also consider installing some fans in the vicinity of your pool. The wind will not only blow away their tiny bodies but also ensure that they stay out as long as the fan is switched on.

Aesthetics, plus no breeding grounds

Like most in-house swimming pools, is your pool also surrounded by grass patches that you leave soggy and wet every time you exit the pool? Well, that’s completely normal and unavoidable. However, this soggy, damp grass is exactly where mosquitoes thrive and find themselves laying their eggs. To prevent a mosquito population inhabiting your backyard, keep up with regular clippings of your garden grass so that the shorter the blade, the faster it dries off after you wet it when exiting your pool.

Aesthetics? Check. Mosquito prevention? Double-check!


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Mosquitos Are Coming!

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