Flea prevention methods – 5 steps

Flea prevention methods

Flea prevention methods

Fleas are an external parasite that lives on animals in order to survive. Once fleas find your pet, the adult fleas will reproduce and thrive. They will also spread into your home and surroundings, until you break their lifecycle.  So, if you believe that your dog may have fleas, now’s the time to have it confirmed. Fleas are not something you can hold off treating or just brush away (literally). They will require thorough treatment and cleansing to ensure that all fleas have been removed.

5 Steps To Flea prevention methods

When it comes to checking your dog for fleas, you should follow these simple steps.

  • Examine your dog for the above signs
  • Check the fur to spot adult fleas
  • Treat your dog for fleas
  • Clean your dog and its surfaces; bed, towels, play space and your entire home
  • Treat the fleas regularly (more information below)

These pointers are the steps in which to follow when checking if your dog has fleas.

Once it has been confirmed that your dog has fleas and it has been treated, you should thoroughly clean your home and put focus on high risk areas. You may also consider fogging. Cleaning all areas of the home, including yourself will remove any fleas and minimise the risk of your dog catching fleas again. Don’t leave any area unturned!

How Often Should You Flea Treat a Dog?

Your dog should be treated with suitable flea treatment every month.

In order to minimise the risk of your pet getting or having fleas, you should also wash their bedding, blankets and even your pet often. If possible, your dog’s toys should also be cleaned regularly with suitable cleaning products. This will keep your pet and their assets as clean and possible.

Keep Your Dog Groomed

Grooming your dog is also a simple way to minimise the risk of them getting fleas and ticks. It will keep your pet cleaned and fresh, avoiding any potential fleas. Then of course, it is yet another way to check whether your pet has fleas and can be treated right away. The sooner fleas are treated, the better.

One of the biggest keys to flea control is having your yard treated.  Mosquito Sheriff’s founder has dogs, miniature horses, goats and alpacas so we understand the importance of keeping your yard free from fleas.

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