Mosquito Treatment Near Me: Stop West Nile In Owings, MD

Today’s post key findings from Kimberly Mitchel, chief of Rabies and Vector-Borne diseases at the Maryland Department of Health, to help Maryland residents stop mosquito infestations and reduce their risks of West Nile Virus.

Read on to learn more, or call 1-888-248-2284 to book a recommended mosquito treatment service straight away.

Stop West Nile Virus In Maryland: Book Mosquito Treatment Near Me

It only takes a single mosquito to spread West Nile Virus, a disease that can cause West Nile Fever, Febrile illness, encephalitis, or meningitis, and which is especially dangerous for adults over 60 years of age.

To reduce your risk of exposure, keep your elderly parents safe at home, and stop the spread in Owings, MD, the Maryland Department of Health recommends taking the following steps the prevent infection:

  • Dress the right way when outdoors—Wear long pants and sleeves when you’re outside and the mosquito meter is abuzz with activity

Mosquito Treatment Near Me: Stop West Nile in Owings, MD

  • Use an EPA-registered insect repellent containing DEET
  • Try to avoid going outside at dusk and dawn, which is when mosquitoes are most active
  • Remove any standing water from your property to prevent spawning pools from forming
  • Book a qualified mosquito control service if you spot signs of infestation or are regularly getting bitten

Get A Free Quote On Mosquito Treatment Near Me: Call In The Sheriff

Whether you’re looking to give customers a perfect outdoor dining experience or stop the spread of West Nile Virus in Owings, MD, the solution is the same: you need fast, effective, and long-lasting mosquito treatment, and the Mosquito Sheriff is here to help.

Our service is quick, with most applications taking 20 minutes or less; our spray solution is all-natural and organic, made from chrysanthemum and dandelion extract; and every mosquito treatment is guaranteed to be 100% effective. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll come back to your home or business and re-treat the entire property at no charge.

To get a free quote on our mosquito treatment, you can call 1-888-248-2284 or fill out our online contact form.


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