Mosquito Sheriff Social Mission Partnership with Honduras Compassion Partners!

Mosquito Sheriff is known for their compassion. They put care into their customer support and the product they use daily to ensure their customers are safe and happy. Whether you are a customer, franchise owner, or employee of Mosquito Sheriff you feel like part of the family. In addition to building an awesome brand, Mosquito Sheriff is also a Social Mission partner. Being a Social Mission partner with the Honduras Compassion Partners is important to Mosquito Sheriff.

The Honduras Partnership Program is helping to protect Honduran villages by donating netting to protect them from mosquito borne diseases. These people are vulnerable to these diseases perpetrated by the natural elements. Without the proper care the mosquito borne illness can become serious and even fatal.

These rural populations have limited safe drinking water and a poor sanitation system. The Honduras Partnership Program is working to help the population by installing water filters in every home and constructing water wells. Mosquito Sheriff is on a mission to do what we can to ensure the Hondurans living conditions will improve.

A large focus of the Honduras Partnership Program is empowerment- not handout. This is a large key to equipping thousands of people to overcoming poverty. They believe that everyone deserves clean water, a roof over their head, and a chance to provide for their family. There is still 80% of the community in LaPaz that does not have clean drinking water and the Honduras Partnership is determined to fix that. Investing in women working to provide living wage to their family and giving 500 free uniforms to girls in the community is a great start.

The Honduras Partnership Provides:

  • School Uniforms- For girls attending school.
  • Income Generation- Pay women to sew uniforms so girls can attend school and women can become empowered with income to sustain a family.
  • Health & Hygiene- Provide water filters and private latrines to families. Building blocks for healthy living.
  • Community Development- Host events, education, spiritual outreach.

The Honduras Partnership Program is one that Mosquito Sheriff feels strong about supporting. There are many ways you can reach out if you want to be a part of it too. You can reach out to the program directly by clicking this link provided. The Honduras Partnership. You can also be a part of supporting this wonderful program by being a Mosquito Sheriff customer or a franchisee! We support this great cause and so can you!  We look forward to hearing from you so contact us today!


– Mosquitos are Coming is what my technician just called to tell me – thanks for the reminder.  I renewed my annual contract because once you’ve gotten rid of mosquitos you can’t go back!


Marcia, Huntington, MD

Mosquitos Are Coming!

– I love what they are doing! Totally Behind them! If each spray can help other communities and also solve your problems too without any extra cost. What else one can ask for. I have booked them for the entire season. So Excited!!

Moo- Pheun Lu

– I was looking for a Non-Toxic/Natural way to handle the mosquitos and ticks problem as my children and pets are always in the garden, so my friend recommended me to this company, they shared a lot of information and insight and the process was easy to follow.

Laura S. Frater