Fight them With Nature: Mosquito Repellants from Your Kitchen

Nature is a furious and ruthless force.

Unrelenting and dynamic, why is it even a shocker to find so many solutions to contemporary problems in nature? From modern ailments to disasters fostered by humans, nature is always to the rescue with remedies; effective, simple, and subtle.

On the wreckage, that insects as spindly and stinky as Mosquitos have initiated, they deserve to be battled to extinction by nature itself.

Here, we have some of the most useful ingredients that nature has to offer us, all of which serve as natural mosquito control! These ingredients can be easily found in your kitchens, garden centers, or at any grocery store.

  • Lavender OilFound in your tea and gardens, Lavender’s purple beauty goes beyond soothing the senses. While Lavender’s aromatic powers may be enchanting for humans, they are capable of overpowering a mosquito’s senses.Lavender oil can be very easily applied onto bare skin (especially ankles and arms), mixed into your usual moisturizing routine. Lavender oil also has analgesic and antiseptic properties, and can also be applied in complementation with your allergy pastes, if you happen to use any. A natural repellant, lavender leaves can also be crushed and placed onto mosquito breeding areas within your house to further restrict mosquito entrance onto your property.
  • Garlic Juice
    Garlic Juice
    Garlic is infamous for chasing away bloodsucking monsters. Luckily for us, in addition to fictional beasts, garlic is also an enemy to non-fictional little flying insects. Garlic juice is very difficult to find in ready-made jars in supermarkets. Fortunately, garlic juice is very easy to make at home – all it requires is pulverizing garlic and applying the raw juice droplets to exposed skin.Garlic juice can smell a bit unpleasant but, well, we all can agree that mosquito bites are much worse.
  • Lemon eucalyptusWhat’s better than citronellal, the septic, scented cleaning agent? A tree oil with citronellal and mosquito-repelling qualities!Lemon eucalyptus essential oil does not only provide short term DEET protection but also protects against Malaria and yellow fever carrying mosquitos. Approved by several scientific types of research, Lemon eucalyptus is being hailed as a useful mosquito control plant offering effective protective measures against mosquito-spread diseases.
  • Peppermint
    Peppermints are the favorite hybrid mint of dieticians, tea enthusiasts, and doctors. And now, after I tell you that peppermints are also natural mosquito repellents, they will become your favorite, too!Peppermint oils, even in lower concentrations, are capable of inducing larvicide on mosquito breeding grounds. In higher concentrations, peppermint oil may repel mosquito bites for up to a maximum of 3 hours. The peppermint scent is not only well-hated by mosquitos, but is also equally disliked by several other insects and pests.Easily available in nurseries and grocery stores, peppermints are easy to plant, even in constricted housing spaces as they require very little maintenance.
  • Thyme
    A must-have for your steaks, grilled beef and pork loins, thymes are back in business again, after studies proved that thyme essential oils are composed of mosquito repelling properties.

    Providing complete protection against common mosquitos for up to eight minutes, thyme leaves and oil are also despised by other pests because of their strong, musky scent. Very easy to brew and apply, you can integrate thyme oil quite conveniently into your daily moisturizing routine as thyme oils have a very thin consistency and a subtle scent.


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