Thankful for Turkeys…Natural Pest Controllers!

Thankful for Turkeys

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and most people have turkey on the mind. Turkeys are not just a Thanksgiving staple they also play a huge role in the removal of ticks. Did you know that turkeys eat ticks along with many other animals in the wild. Turkeys are the natural pest controllers of the wild.

Turkeys eat ticks along with other insects on the ground. They use their beaks to peck at the ground and grab the ticks as they move. It has been reported that a wild turkey can eat around 200 ticks a day. Turkeys are considered natural pest controllers daily. Being omnivores by nature, turkeys do not discriminate. They will eat ticks along with other small insects, frogs, lizards, tree nuts, and plants.

There are other natural pest controllers in the wild that pray on ticks:

  • Wild Turkey
  • Turkey
  • Guineafowl
  • Chicken
  • Oxpecker
  • Ducks
  • Frogs
  • Racoon
  • Squirrel
  • Lizard
  • Wolf Spider

Some of these animals are natural predators while others eat ticks because they lack other food sources. Oxpeckers are known as tickbirds because of the high volume of ticks they consume daily. Chickens not only eat the ticks from the ground but will also remove them from cows. Like chickens, ducks and Guineafowl are known as tick eating machines.

While having these animals in the population is great for the environment and the removal of ticks, it is still not a full proof plan. Another key point is ticks that carry deadly diseases like Lyme Disease are still overpopulated and need to be removed. We can’t rely solely on Turkeys or their other wild animal friends.

As a matter of fact, many adult ticks are still in search of a blood-filled meal well into the cooler fall months to get them through the cold winter months. Therefore, you need a plan of action to keep your yard and family safe. Mosquito Sheriff is the all-natural solution to work hand in hand with these natural pest controllers in the removal of ticks. Contact Mosquito Sheriff today for your free estimate to keep your yard safe from ticks this season and all year long. We will give you a personalized quote on our “knockdown” method to remove ticks and mosquitos on contact and the “barrier” method to keep those pesky insects away until your next spray! Contact us today!

Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving season!


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