Reap Healthy Harvests: Garden-Safe Pest Control Service Near Me

While it is important to control garden pest populations, toxic pesticides pose a much greater threat to your home harvest. If you can’t find garden-safe pest control services, you’re better off going without—luckily, we’re not that hard to find!

The Wrong Pest Control Service Can Ruin Your Garden

The sad fact is that many pesticides are highly toxic to plants, and many home gardeners end up harming the precious veggies they sought to protect.

Reap Healthy Harvests: Garden-Safe Pest Control Service Near Me

Of course, toxic pesticides can also hurt all of the beneficial bugs listed by the Maryland Grows project, too, including the pollinators that help your fruits and veggies flourish.

And it’s not just vegetable plants and pollinators that have to worry; toxic pesticides put people at risk, too.

“Although pesticides can be beneficial to society, they can be dangerous if used carelessly,” states the Maryland Department of Agriculture website. “According to data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 1993 alone, an estimated 80,000 children were involved in common household pesticide-related poisoning or exposures in the United States.”

How To Find Garden-Safe Pest Control Near Me In Owings, MD

If you’re looking for garden-safe pest control services, the Sheriff is here to help!

We’ve developed a proprietary all-natural, non-toxic spray solution that’s odorless, fast-acting, and easy to apply. We use real, earth-grown ingredients, like chrysanthemum and dandelion extract, to provide a dual barrier and knockdown effect that’s tough on the nuisance pests that threaten your garden, but completely safe for plants and pollinators. In this way, we’ve helped numerous families reap bigger, healthier harvests, and we can do the same for you.

We can also help you identify garden-safe household products—just give us a call.

To book a free consultation and get a quote on garden-safe pest control, visit the Mosquito Sheriff website or call 1-888-248-2284.


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Marcia, Huntington, MD

Mosquitos Are Coming!

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Laura S. Frater