Pest Control Service Near Me: Rest Easy in Owings, MD

Is the stress of an insect invasion keeping you awake at night? Are your pets scratching themselves raw at all hours of the evening? Nighttime spider sightings disrupting your family’s sweet dreams?

No matter what type of pest problems you’ve got on your plate, the Mosquito Sheriff has the answers. Read on to learn how our pest control service is helping Owings residents rest easy at night, or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with a pest control service specialist near you.

Rest Easy With Pest Control Service In Owings, MD

  • Lock out buzzing biters. Sleep doesn’t come easy when your bedroom is abuzz with the sounds of blood-suckers seeking their new meal. There’s plenty you can do to prevent flyers from entering the home, such as installing screens, but best results come from barrier treatments, which prevent entry with strategically placed “walls” of repellant and adulticide.
  • Prevent itchy bug bites from interfering with your sleep. Even if your home is perfectly sealed from insect invaders, you might be bringing itchy, annoying mosquito bites to bed. Indeed, many Owings residents crawl under the covers at night covered in mosquito bites after a long day by the pool, in the gardens, or working outside.The best way to prevent this nighttime nuisance is to invest in mosquito control treatments for your property. Our all-natural barrier and knockdown treatments are 100% natural, guaranteed effective for up to 21 days, and fairly priced per acre (not by the amount of pesticide we use), so your pest exclusion won’t break the bank.
  • Stop Fido from scratching all night. When pets scratch all night long, it can be very hard for owners to get a good night’s sleep. Even if you could drown out the sound of their scratching, the stress associated with their discomfort can be enough to keep you up. To help pets and owners get a good night’s sleep, we use a winning combination of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) controls and our all-natural, non-toxic flea spray solution.

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– Mosquitos are Coming is what my technician just called to tell me – thanks for the reminder.  I renewed my annual contract because once you’ve gotten rid of mosquitos you can’t go back!


Marcia, Huntington, MD

Mosquitos Are Coming!

– I love what they are doing! Totally Behind them! If each spray can help other communities and also solve your problems too without any extra cost. What else one can ask for. I have booked them for the entire season. So Excited!!

Moo- Pheun Lu

– I was looking for a Non-Toxic/Natural way to handle the mosquitos and ticks problem as my children and pets are always in the garden, so my friend recommended me to this company, they shared a lot of information and insight and the process was easy to follow.

Laura S. Frater