No Pest Guests: Exclude Unwanted Intruders With Maryland Exterminators

You may keep the windows and doors closed, and your screens might be in perfect condition, but most pests aren’t limited to these conventional exits and entryways. If you want to stop local pests from becoming unwelcome house guests, Maryland exterminators are standing by to help.

Read on to learn more about pest exclusion and the importance of barrier treatments, or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with Maryland exterminators.

No Pest Guests: Exclude Unwanted Intruders with Maryland Exterminators

Go Pro And Exclude Pests This Winter With Maryland Exterminators

  • Keep stink bugs at bay. As the cold starts to creep in, adult brown marmorated stink bugs search desperately for ideal hibernation sites, such as attics and wall voids.To stop these smelly insects from entering your home, start with some simple exclusion practices. Check all screens, doors, and windows to make sure they seal properly, then seal any cracks in siding, utility pipes, and behind chimneys that pests could use to gain entry.But for best results, particularly if the stink bugs have already entered the home, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recommends investing in a professional-grade pest control product. To learn more about effective barrier treatments and professional exclusion practices, get in touch with our team.
  • Stop ladybugs in their tracks. As winter approaches and nighttime temperatures start to drop, ladybugs leave summer feeding sites to find warmer habitats. Here again, simple exclusionary practices can be quite effective, but “sealing every crack and crevice can often be impractical,” writes the NPMA. In these cases, “exterior barrier treatments using professional grade pest control products may be necessary to provide relief.” If you’re looking for all-natural, pet-and-pollinator-friendly pest control solutions, get in touch with our Maryland exterminators.

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Mosquitos Are Coming!

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