Mosquito Spraying Near Me: How To Banish Bloodsuckers From The Home

Unless you invest in professional mosquito spraying, “large-scale control is hard,” states the University of Maryland website. They spawn quickly and in large numbers, with a single blood meal allowing a female mosquito to lay up to 300 eggs, and larvae require as little as one teaspoon of water to breed.

That said, there are several things you can do to control mosquito populations before you start spraying, such as:

  • Removing standing water around the home. Corrugated drain pipes attached to downspouts are a prime place for mosquito populations to breed. Clean your gutters and make sure they drain well, and take the time to empty water from trash bins, flower pots, toys, wading pools, tires, tarps, and plastic sheets stored on your property.
  • Being kind to wildlife. Fish, spiders, bats, birds, and beneficial insects all feed on mosquitoes, providing some level of natural control. If you do book a mosquito spraying service, make sure to find an all-natural, non-toxic solution like ours, as any collateral damage done to these beneficial insects and wildlife will work against your control efforts in the long run.
  • Keeping doors and windows closed around the home. “Repair or replace window and door screens that have tears or gaps to prevent insects from coming inside your home,” states the University of Maryland website.

Mosquito Spraying Near Me: How to Banish Bloodsuckers from the Home

Book safe-and-effective mosquito spraying near me in Owings, MD

If you’ve exhausted natural control options, it might be time to invest in our mosquito spraying service. Don’t worry—it’s all-natural and non-toxic, made from ingredients like dandelion extract and chrysanthemum, so you never have to worry about the Potential impact of mosquito and nuisance insect sprays on pollinators.

What’s more, we price per acre, not per gallon, and every mosquito spraying service is completely guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied within 21 days of your initial mosquito spraying, we’ll re-treat your property at no charge, with no questions asked.

To get started with mosquito spraying in Owings, MD, call 1-888-248-2284.


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