How To Find The Best Flea Exterminator Near Me: Smart Shopper Checklist

Looking for the “best flea exterminator near me”? Don’t fret—you’re not alone, and the Mosquito Sheriff is here to help.

Although fleas are a year-round threat, a new research report by the Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science concluded that “peak flea season occurs from May to August.” Over the past few months, we’ve received numerous calls from businesses, concerned pet parents, and homeowners for flea control services in Owings, MD, and just as our IPM service helped them, so too can we help you.

But even if you’re not an Owings local, we want to help. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a smart shopper checklist to help you find the “best flea exterminator near me,” whether or not you call the Old Line State home.

Read on to learn how to spot quality flea exterminators, or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with a pest specialist in Owings, MD.

How To Find The Best Flea Exterminator Near Me

The Best Flea Exterminators Offer Multiple Treatment Levels And Services

Even if you’re only looking to book a quick spray service in a studio apartment, it’s always a good idea to find companies with multiple treatment levels and service offerings. Alongside specialized services for residential, commercial, and community facilities, the best flea exterminators will offer a complete continuum of treatments, from low-impact interventions (e.g. laundering and vacuuming) to more intensive population and habitat controls.

Not only do these different treatment levels and service offerings evidence their expertise; they also tell you the exterminator doesn’t settle for a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

To get a better idea of how a complete continuum of flea extermination services ought to look, visit the Mosquito Sheriff website or call 1-888-248-2284 to speak directly with a flea control specialist in Owings, MD.

The Best Flea Exterminators Use Eco-Friendly Pesticides And Practices

If you live out of state, the Maryland General Assembly’s Pollinator Protection Act of 2016 may not apply, but there will likely be equivalent policies in place to protect local ecosystems.

At Mosquito Sheriff, we use a proprietary non-toxic, all-natural spray solution, made from chrysanthemum and dandelion extract, along with lightweight, gasoline-free electric blowers and eco-friendly IPM practices to protect both the consumer and local community.

The Best Flea Exterminators Are 100% COVID-Safe

Until the pandemic threat period has passed and the population is fully vaccinated, exterminators need to keep doing their part to keep consumers and communities safe, especially when treatments require access to the home.

To that end, we offer 100% contactless booking, and all technicians are screened, vaccinated, and fully compliant with all COVID-19 precautions specified by the Maryland Department of Health, including social distancing, proper masking, and increased cleaning/handwashing.

The Best Flea Exterminators Guarantee Effective Treatments

When your flea treatments work, there’s really no reason not to put your money where your mouth is. That’s why we offer 100% flea service guarantees—if you’re not completely satisfied with your flea exterminator service, we’ll re-treat your home or place of business at no charge.

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Mosquitos Are Coming!

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