Giving Back

In the spirit of love and community today is the day to talk about giving back. When you look at the definition of “give back” in the dictionary it states, to provide help or financial assistance to others in appreciation of one’s own success or good fortune. This is exactly the mindset of our founder and CEO Patrice. She has taken her knowledge and success and given it back to the community. She is passionate about many organizations and today we are going to highlight the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.


This organization’s mission is to honor the sacrifice of Stephen Siller, a firefighter who laid down his own life to save others on September 11, 2001. They honor our military and first responders who are disabled veterans that are injured or killed in the line of duty and their families.

The Smart Home Program is for catastrophically injured veterans returning from war. These smart homes are created mortgage free and with top-of-the-line technology so the heroes can regain their independence. Each custom home is made with automated doors and lighting, wider halls and doorways for wheelchair accessibility, and height accommodations for kitchen cabinets and appliances. There is a backup generator and heating and cooling controlled by a tablet.

The Gold Star Families are families that carry the legacy of the fallen heroes. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation honors their memory by taking care of the spouses with young children by paying off their remaining mortgages. This allows the spouse to focus on the children and not the financial burden.

There are many ways to participate in this great mission. You can donate, fundraise, or sponsor. A great way to get out and be involved is joining one of their  National Run, Walk & Climb Series. These have expanded to over 80 events across the country. The mission is to Never Forget September 11, 2001.

When a community is united in LOVE we can never fall. Please join Patrice and our mission with Mosquito Sheriff and Tunnel To Towers to give back.


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Marcia, Huntington, MD

Mosquitos Are Coming!

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Moo- Pheun Lu

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Laura S. Frater