Barbequing 101: No More Flying Vermin

Honestly, we are pretty sure that no one would be surprised if the headlines tomorrow were to blare that a party of mosquitoes had been caught on tape rambunctiously celebrating the ruining of a barbeque party. With tiny bottles of beer in their hands, heads were thrown back in mock laughter, all of these little buggers are dancing around their own little fire pit, recounting how they bit every single person and sent them all scurrying indoors.

Doesn’t sound too crazy, does it?

It’s like the sole motive of their existence is making the lives of human beings, a pure hell.

Well, not any more, you lousy buggers!

Here are some foolproof flea and tick prevention tips and tricks to incorporate into the planning for your next backyard barbeque night:

  • Barbecue night dress theme: Light and airy colors!

    The attraction of mosquitoes towards dark colors is proof that these winged demons have truly black souls. Mosquitoes are attracted to heat absorbent dark colors- such as red and black-because of their heat-sensitive sensors. Doesn’t this news just make you wish that all of their swarms could detect hell’s heat and fly right into it?

    Since that is not happening any time soon, how about you just let all of your guests know that the event theme is light pastel colors?

    Not only will this make for a light and eye-soothing event, but great pictures, too!

  • This might hurt a bit but go slow on that booze!

    We know what you are thinking, ‘A barbeque without some chilled beer? Yeah, right! That is not happening.’

    Mosquitoes are attracted to drinkers because their flushed red skin and the warm body become a major pull for their heat sensors. Well, what would you rather have: A mosquito bite-free barbeque night or juggling a beer can in one hand and scratching a fresh neck bite with the other? When you think about it like this, it’s not too difficult a decision to make. We totally recognize that it is simply not feasible to have a ‘no-drinking’ rule set for the entire evening with friends and family. Who doesn’t like a nice cold brew with cheeseburgers or sipping red wine with a perfect steak? However, maybe cutting down on the amount of booze or offering the option to drink more inside the house, might take down the number of guests bitten into extreme annoyance right away!

  • No invites for pregnant folks

    Hey, hey. We do not say this because they’ll eat ‘twice’ the amount of your grilled, juicy steaks and burgers. We recommend this because pregnant women are at a greater risk of being bitten by mosquitoes; something about their scent, temperature, and exhaled carbon dioxide drives mosquitoes absolutely nuts. Doubly attracted to pregnant women, mosquitoes are much more likely to bite them than your other guests. This might hurt or disappoint your pregnant friend(s) but keep them safe and bite-free by not inviting them this time around.

  • Contact the best pest control service in town: Mosquito Sheriff!

    Yep, you heard it right. Contact us and our sheriffs will be over at your place right on time, eliminating mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, in time for you to host your wonderful barbeque night. No pests, and longer protection; sounds like a great plan, no?


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Marcia, Huntington, MD

Mosquitos Are Coming!

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